Profile treatment





It’s the treatment of excellence, since it gives aluminium a bigger reliability and durability…

The anodized profiles keep their characteristics and properties under all weather conditions even when exposed to a highly corrosive atmosphere, thus it is the appropriate surface treatment for aggressive environments like sea areas and factories.


protected areas, interior and with small exposition (advisable 15 microns)

more exposed areas or industrial areas (advisable 20 microns)

sea areas or highly abrasive industrial areas (25 microns)


Powder Coating:


It’s a surface treatment that allows a great variety of colours…

Prior to the powder coating process, the aluminium bars are subjected to 7 stage treatment to guarantee an homogeneous treatment and a great resistance against the filamentous corrosion, with the powder coating we can obtain a huge number of colours: RAL satin or matte and special finishing like sable (textured).


advisable a protective layer among 60 and 80 microns.


Powder Coating wood effect:


To respond to the new interior design tendencies, where the nature colours are back, and the demanding solicitations of the rehabilitation projects that want to join the original design and materials of the buildings with more modern materials, we now produce powder coating treatments with wood effect.


The finishing quality of the powder coatings wood effect, joined with the dozen of available colours, guarantees innovative solutions, functional and aesthetically attractive, to guarantee the aesthetics and original colours of the façades. 


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